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AI happens

The blockchain platform to turn raw data into AI for business

Meet the product

Platform to label data and to build AI

We provide an end-to-end AI production solution which turns raw data into real-world AI for business purposes. Our platform links teams of data scientists and crowdworkers to prepare datasets, and to develop and train AI models.
Data science contestData labeling
For each business task we hold a data science competition where lead professionals compete to create the best AI solution. Crowdworkers do simple tasks of image labeling and data validation.
Dbrain pitches a new coin paying users crypto to train AI
How to create a clear blockchain tool to solve businesses pain
How it works

AI lifecycle powered by blockchain and own DBR cryptocurrency

Dbrain connects all parties and seamlessly integrates all stages of AI App development and deployment into a single product that democratizes AI.
Business upload data and host datasets on the platform
Labellers label data, verify datasets, and get DBR
AI App
Data Scientists train neural networks and create AI Apps
Business use existing solutions or request new tools
Blockchain protocols and internal cryptocurrency provide transparency and fair revenue distribution.
SPOCK protocol validates the quality of labelling, reaching accuracies at the edge of the possible. PICARD secures the safety of private and confidential data and future revenues for data owners.
Dbraincoin (DBR) is the internal currency that parties use to pay and receive for work, data and AI App usage on the platform.
Use cases

Space-grade tech already on the ground

We provide scalable and accessible infrastructure to supercharge businesses with high quality AI, integrated via a convenient API.
Video Surveillance
Real time monitoring to identify all the necessary actions in the videos.
Object recognition
Neuronet-based search algorithm to find exact things by key features (type, design, color, texture).
Cancer detection
Neuronet algorithm to make a preliminary diagnosis based on brain areas, their shape and density.
Quality control
Neural network determines pizza quality, deviation from the norms and informs about faulty goods via uploaded to chatbot picture.
Sound recognition
The algorithm detects the key areas in the sound signal responsible for wheezing.
Clients and partners
We offer a wide range of turnkey and custom AI solutions, integration, and customization for the particular needs of our clients. Become one!

Unity of battle-proven AI experts

The core team and advisors have a proven track record and expertise in business development and execution, AI, DL and scalable computing solutions.
Chief Executive Officer
Serial entrepreneur, data geek, founded top-ranked Icon8 chatbot and Flocktory, a B2B AI startup sold for $20M to NASDAQ: QIWI earlier in 2017.
Chief Technical Officer
Founder of connectome.ai and R-SEPT. 3+ years in managing R&D teams in IT/AI
Chief Design Officer
Designer, founder and CEO of Thngs. 12+ years in product development and visual storytelling around the Web.
Co-founder of token.io, ex-CTO of Clickswitch.com, ex-CTO of the Citibank. VC and innovator, member of the US Federal Reserve Bank Faster Payments Task Force.
Co-founder of Ethnicsnet, lecturer of AI and Robotics Faculty Singularity University, cognitive scientist and director of AI-Robotics at AIMY Robotics.
Associate Professor, Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Yu also founded the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association, and Asia Consciousness Festival. He also curates TEDxHongKong.
Founder of Carprice and Carmoney, VC investor in Artificial Intelligence.
Founder and managing partner of G2H2 Capital, solidity developer, Stanford University graduate.
CTO BitGuild, ex-Facebook (Messenger Platform), ex-Disney Interactive.
Founder and CEO at Sino Global Capital. Bridging technology with China investors and partners, specializes in investment management.
Research Fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) and Programme Director of the MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Blockchain researcher and AI investor.
Co-founder of Angel Vest Group, lecturer at Peking University. Harvard Business School graduate, ex-Independent M&A Assignments, ex-Hina Group, ex-AMD.
CEO of Eagles and Pandas. Former Head of International Business Development and PR of Mt.Gox, former Marketing Manager of Bitbank, former Global Director of Business Development at Square Enix.
MSc in Law and Finance, Oxford University. Member of the Open Data Institute (UK), VC investor with a focus on AI.
Co-founder of Jolla, founder of Zipper Global, an emerging market and technology business mountaineer and forerunner in decentralized economy. Dr.Tech. in Strategic Investments.
Core team
Head of Operations, USA
Chief Partnership Officer
Chief Analyst, Blockchain Developer
Architect, Blockchain Developer
Head of Product
Chief Marketing Officer
Aleksey Tsishevski
Chief Financial Officer
Head of Communications
Dmitry Ulianov
Lead Data Scientist
Lead Data Scientist
Igor Rekun
Head of Machine Learning
Senior Data Scientist
Senior Data Scientist
Alexander Lyzhov
Data Scientist
Aleksandr Belskikh
Data Scientist
Miras Amir
Data Scientist
Vsevolod Poletaev
Data Scientist