AI happens

A new way to label data and build narrow AI for business needs


Prompt text recognition for your paperwork

Transform any documents, scans, and photos into editable text files in less than a second. The highest accuracy is achieved by combining OCR technology with verification by the qualified crowd onboard.
Standard docs
Passports, driver license, insurance, SSN, letterheads.
Invoices, contracts, receipts, bills, certificates, etc.
Any non-typical papers, such as applications, agreements, etc.
99% accuracy
guaranteed by combination of OCR technology with human verification
0.9 seconds
takes to deliver you an editable text recognised by AI
Use cases

AI accessible for any industry

Narrow AI that solves simple repetitive tasks works best nowadays. At the current state of tech, general AI solutions that fit any industry are not operable.
Cancer tumor
Pizza quality: 8/10
Video surveillance
Real-time monitoring to identify all the necessary actions in videos.
Object detection
A search algorithm to find exact things by key features: type, design, color, texture.
An algorithm to make a preliminary diagnosis based on brain areas, their shape and density.
Quality control
Neural network determines pizza quality, deviation from the norms and informs about faulty goods via uploaded to chatbot picture.
Sound recognition
The algorithm detects key areas in the sound signal responsible for wheezing.
Clients and partners
We offer a wide range of turnkey and custom AI solutions for the particular needs of our clients. Become one!
Data labeling

High-accuracy crowdwork data labeling

Data labeling is the most consuming phase in AI production and it contributes 70% of AI success. We made a simple tool for crowdworkers to label data and deliver high-accuracy datasets ready for machine learning.
Image classification
We implement the cutting-edge consensus algorithm for cross-validation to ensure that only accurate answers are rewarded, which dramatically improves the labeling quality.
Crowdworkers onboard
Tasks done
Signed clients
Due to the consensus algorithm, business gets the most precise AI within the declared budget. Cost is adjusted by complexity of labeling and time required for task execution.