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AI happens

The blockchain platform to turn raw data into AI for business

Meet the product

AI production made simple on Dbrain

Widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence is only a matter of time. AI saves time and money by enabling computers and machines to perform repetitive tasks. We provide an end-to-end AI production solution which turns raw data into real-world AI. Our platform links teams of crowdworkers and Data Scientists to prepare datasets, to develop and to train AI models.
Labelers label data, verify datasets and get DBR
Data Scientists train neural networks and create AI Apps
Business use existing solutions or request new tools
Dbrain works as a coherent machine that brings AI to your business with no headache. Any business is capable to dramatically improve corporate performance by adopting AI. Simply drop your data and get AI tuned for your specific needs.

Crowdwork data labeling powered by blockchain

Crowdworkers do simple tasks of image labeling and data validation. We implement the cutting-edge blockchain protocol SPOCK to automatically verify data quality and to guarantee transparent, real-time billing to crowdworkers.
Image classification
Labeling & validation
SPOCK Protocol
The algorithm is responsible for cross validation and ensures that only accurate answers are rewarded, which dramatically improves the labeling quality.
Crowdworkers onboard
Tasks done
Rate for data labeling
Due to the protocol, the client receives the dataset with the highest labeling quality within the declared budget, thus the most precise AI will be developed and subsequently implemented to the business.

Optimal AI through data science contests

For each business task we hold a data science contest where leading professionals compete to create the best AI solution. The PICARD protocol ensures that the Client gets the best possible solution and automatically manages relations between all parties involved.
Data science contest
PICARD Protocol
The PICARD protocol allows training models with no human access to data at all. Due to the protocol we provide few labeled data which has no value for business to implement algorithms on it. This is how data keeps safe and secured.
1. AI model0,987API
2. AI model0,981
N. AI model0,355
Business determines the price itself and gets access for leading Data Scientists to work precisely on its tasks. While working, the protocol prevents concentration of data in one hands, therefore data is secured and will never leak.
Use cases

AI made accessible for any industry

AI is beginning to improve businesses beyond the IT industry, in sectors including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and so on. We provide scalable and accessible infrastructure that allows AI to be adopted in any industry.
Cancer tumor
Pizza quality: 8/10
Video surveillance
Real-time monitoring to identify all the necessary actions in videos.
Object recognition
Neuronet-based search algorithm to find exact things by key features (type, design, color, texture).
Cancer detection
Neuronet algorithm to make a preliminary diagnosis based on brain areas, their shape and density.
Quality control
Neural network determines pizza quality, deviation from the norms and informs about faulty goods via uploaded to chatbot picture.
Sound recognition
The algorithm detects the key areas in the sound signal responsible for wheezing.
Clients and partners
We offer a wide range of turnkey and custom AI solutions, integration, and customization for the particular needs of our clients. Become one!

We take 10% cut of AI production cost

Data labeling cost
Data science contest
prize pool (50—80%)
Data labeling cost (10—40%)
Cost is adjusted by complexity of labeling and time required for task execution. The SPOCK protocol guarantees payment transparency and maximum quality of the dataset deployed.
Data science competition prize pool (50—80%)
The required accuracy of the AI app and the prize pool for the data science contest are determined by the сlient. Half the prize goes to the data scientist with the best AI, the rest is split between competitors.
10% fee
A 10% fee goes to Dbrain for platform development, partnership and sales expansion, AI app quality control, and сommunity management and support.

Unity of battle-proven AI experts

The core team and advisors have a proven track record and expertise in business development and execution, AI, DL, and scalable computing solutions.
Dmitry Matskevich
Chief Executive Officer
AI expert with a background in machine learning and IT. Co-founder and CEO of Dbrain, co-founder of Flocktory (sold for $20M), created Icon8 AI chatbot which was ranked #1 chatbot on Telegram and #3 on Facebook.
Aleksey Hahunov
Chief Technical Officer
Founder of Connectome, Rawage, and robotic dairy R-SEPT. More than 3 years of experience managing teams working in the field of AI & high load systems. Graduate of Bauman Institute of Science and Technology.
David Chen
Co-founder of Angel Vest Group, lecturer at Peking University. Harvard Business School graduate, ex-Independent M&A Assignments, ex-Hina Group, ex-AMD.
Emily Liu
Business Development, Asia
CEO of Eagles and Pandas. Former Head of International Business Development and PR of Mt.Gox, former Marketing Manager of Bitbank, former Global Director of Business Development at Square Enix.
Aleksey Tsishevski
Chief Financial Officer
MSU and New Economic School graduate. Launched Uber in 5mln+ population Russian cities, worked at E-commerce consulting, has 5 years experience in management consulting.
Elijah Glazunov
Communication expert with MSU degree in international relations. 5 years of public policy and institutional relationships experience at Google. Specializes in negotiations and speechwriting.
Gleb Korneev, Ph.D.
Chief Busdev Officer
Holds Ph.D. degree in Finance and has 20+ years experience in management consulting. Held senior positions at RVVZ Foundation, Urban Consulting, PwC, E&Y, Strategy Partners.
Gino Yu
Associate Professor, Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development at Hong Kong PolyU. Founded the HKDEA and Asia Consciousness Festival. Curates TEDxHongKong.
Dima Dewinn
Chief Design Officer
12+ years experience in digital and architectural projects globally. Co-founded Thngs and Dbrain, implemented a dozen social projects. Graduate of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, author of «Urban Routines» book.
Natalia Shashkova
Chief Marketing Officer
Wordshop BBDO graduate. Former SMM Group Head at Possible, global advertising agency. Worked at Houzz, where she held multiple positions, including International Mobile Lead.
Igor Rekun
Head of Machine Learning
Former CTO at Connectome, former lead Data Scientist at R-SEPT and Rawage. Has a degree in applied mathematics at MIPT and vast background in computer graphics.
Artur Kuzin
Lead Data Scientist
Kaggle competition Grandmaster, Top 100 rank. Has a scientific background in microelectronics and nanotechnologies, and a strong deep learning experience.
Elena Sushkova
Head of Busdev in China
MSU and HSE graduate. Former Skolkovo leading analyst on China, 5 years of experience in business development and negotiations with Chinese. Worked in Xinghuan Capital PE Fund and in Zhangjiang HTP company.